It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tiffany. She was so personable and honest, we felt as if we'd know her for years. We contacted Tiffany and began our search for a new home quite awhile ago. We sent Tiffany dozens of addresses to homes that we wanted to see. No matter the time of day (or night) that we contacted her, she always responded promptly. Right away, she set up appointments for us and traveled great distances with us to preview houses. However, 2021 was difficult for buyers, and we were unable to find a home we liked, so we decided to 'take a break' from our search. We felt bad because Tiffany had worked so hard for us. But she was very understanding and supportive. Fast forward to 2022, we decided to restart our search. Again, Tiffany went above and beyond to help us. We previewed dozens of homes again, even making offers on some of them. Some of those offers had deadlines so Tiffany would work late into the evening to ensure that our offer was submitted on time. None of our offers had been accepted and it was getting discouraging. Tiffany was so patient and encouraging, even when we weren't. When we finally found a home to purchase, she helped us negotiate the sales price with the owner and helped with the contract. Tiffany ensured that we were always informed with every step of the process, from search, to contract, to closing. Even after closing, Tiffany contacted us to make sure that everything was to our satisfaction.
– Buyer 2022
Cindy and Tiffany are exceptional professionals and made the process of home-buying very pleasant. They are courteous, prompt, and very attentive to make sure everything goes smoothly. They closely monitored escrow and made sure closing took place on time. They also selected a thorough inspection team and followed through to make sure everything noted in the report was taken care of. I cannot recommend this team enough!
– Buyer (Feb 2021)
Cindy and Tiffany were both very empathetic to our needs and very informative due to circumstances in the real estate market at this time. They both put in extra time and attention when we had questions and knew exactly what we needed and went the extra mile for us!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
– Cattanach Family
Thank you very much for going above and beyond for my dream house. It was such a great pleasure working with both of you. Without your tirelessly answering all my questions and providing guidance, support, and assistance every step of the way in the past four months, my family and I wouldn’t be owning this dream house today. My family relocated from the East Coast to the West back in March and we had no idea where to begin in finding our dream home. We luckily met Cindy and Tiffany, who took us on the exciting and challenging house-hunting journey. Being new to the South Bay area, my wife and I had lots of questions, concerns, and uncertainty about what to look for. We weren’t sure what kind of house we could get for what we can effort. Therefore, we need a local expert with a great reputation in the area to make the buying process the most effective and efficient as possible. After describing our needs and brainstorming with them, we started to paint a good picture of what our dream home should look like. They knew exactly what to bring to the table for me and my family. After visiting several houses, we started to realize that there were a lot more challenges and a tough decision needed to be made to balance between what we want and what we can effort in such a very competitive market. They were able to help us make those challenging decisions effectively every step of the way. Both Cindy and Tiffany were very responsive, and patient and accommodate my requests regardless of the time, day or night. I don’t remember ever having to go to bed at night without my questions answered by Cindy. She always gets back to me promptly on any questions I had, which allowed me to build trust and confidence in them helping us make critical decisions in our life. Cindy and Tiffany personally and tirelessly showed us all properties that I requested to visit. They literally showed us more than 30 houses during our house-hunting journey. Both are very professional and very friendly. They never forced us to make the decision to buy any property rather than just helping and educating us on Real Estate to make sound and tougher decisions after each home visit. In fact, I feel they are more like a good friend or relative who is always supportive and provide a great recommendation to make the best choices on every decision we made. When something needs to get done fast, she will leverage her entire wide network of real estate professionals and do whatever it takes to get the job done. In one instance, I need to find out if I can get a loan within an aggressive timeline to fulfill an offer, Cindy helped me reach out to many banks and mortgage companies to get the answer within a short period of time. She even reached out to a few bank directors who she knows to get the best possible information that I need. They are not only possessing expertise in real estate but also have a team of great contractors who can provide accurate and reasonable estimates in a short period of time. Her broad network and the great team allowed me to make so many right decisions on finding my dream home effectively and efficiently in a timely manner. Cindy and Tiffany are such a great mother-and-daughter team who are not only passionate real estate professionals but also very generous people. After going through several tough decisions about withdrawing an offer due to unforeseen conditions and having to lose appraisal, inspection, and other fees, Cindy generously offered to pay for several of those fees when we finally found our dream house. Moreover, they bought us great presents after we moved in, which I’d never expected to receive something like that from them. Cindy and Tiffany's passion for real estate is undeniable. They go the extra mile to get superior results and satisfy their clients. We truly appreciate their support and guidance on the entire process of finding our dream home. I will strongly recommend them without hesitation. We were very happy doing business with them and they will always be our agent of choice for all of our future real estate transactions. With their knowledge, experience, negotiation skills, and superior performance I am confident that they can help anyone to obtain his or her dream home, as we had.
– Min Y.

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